Thursday, July 16, 2020

BUTTERFLIES: Bucket list and Goals!

Do you believe a bucket list and/or goals are important for growth? Weather you call it one or the other,  your focus is kept on the prize. Although exploring these 2 areas may take you out of your comfort zone, but achieving either one feels rewarding and is down right gratifying! Sometimes, completing goals one by one gives you the realization you can achieve anything. Accomplishing small goals make you feel you can achieve goals you thought were unobtainable. Since this pandemic is allowing us time to self-reflect, why not make a new bucket for 2021! A few ideas to go on your bucket list are:

  1. Learn a new skill- A few examples of new skills are: learning how to sew, learning a new recipe and/or learning a new language. Any one of these are sure to provide gratification upon completion, and can be useful in the future.
  2. Complete a DIY project you never would have attempted- Of course this is my favorite! Not only do you get to complete an awesome project, you obtain new skills along the way while completing this goal.

  3. Read a whole book series- How many of us have a list of books to read and/or CEU's (continuing education credits) to complete and never get around to it? This pandemic is a great time to complete this goal and expand your knowledge base.
  4. Do something which takes you totally out of your comfort zone-Weather this is public speaking, getting over your fear of heights, or getting over your fear of animals. Completing something you never thought you could, may allow you to gain new confidence you didn't know you had.

*Of course this list is not all-inclusive but are a few suggestions to get you started. Please share one of your goals you have achieved off of your bucket list in the comments below. If you like this post please subscribe via email in the column on the right. You will receive notification of future post. Thanks in advance!*

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