Thursday, June 25, 2020


What? An engagement during the pandemic? We all know living in a house with others can be challenging! Add a relationship, working in healthcare, and Covid-19 restrictions: You may be headed for disaster. Here are 5 relationship survival tips my fiancé and I use during the pandemic. They are as follows:

Surprise 2020 Pandemic engagement dinner!
  1. Allow each other personal space when needed- During this pandemic we are forced to see each other on a continuous basis. Providing each other with personal space will make the time spent together valuable.
  2. Validate each others feelings- Emotions are at an all time high. Although you cohabitate space, each persons experience through the pandemic is uniquely their own. Validating each others feeling can make cohabitation easier.
  3. Schedule couples time- Continuously seeing each other can take away from couples time. It may devalue quality time spent together. Continue to schedule couples time during the pandemic (ex: A movie, a new recipe, a game, and/or DIYing together:-)). Blocking off time for each other will surely keep the flames going!
  4. Develop an new normal- Living with Covid-19 is going to be the "new normal". Developing a new daily routine can decrease anxiety and stress in you and your spouse. It will take trial and error to see what works for the both of you.  Be patient and give yourselves grace during this time. You will be happy you did.
  5. Laugh- Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was correct! There are many life changing situations going on during this time. Using memes, funny text and discussions with family/friends can give your mood the positive boost it needs!
Covid-19 engagement!

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

BUTTERFLIES: My First Blog- Covid-19 Pandemic

Hello everyone! I hope your day is gong well. Today we are going to have a discussion in the butterfly category. The butterfly category represents metamorphosis and change. What better time to speak of change and growth than during the Covid-19 pandemic. The experiences during this time has been anything but easy. From worries of continuous safety, work, health, and mental well being. To happy moments and continuous growth! You may wonder how people are keeping Here are 10 things that are helpful to get through the pandemic.
They are as follows:

  1.  Mental Health: Weather you are speaking to your spouse on a daily basis or using professional counseling: these 2 choices are great resources.
  2. Religion: I know religion can be a sensitive topic. Everything happens for a reason and there is a life lesson in every experience. What ever your religion is, believing in a higher power can assist you with getting through the pandemic.
  3. Face-timing with friends and family: This is a great way to feel socially connected, while keeping a social distance. 
  4. Self-Care: From trying out new beauty products with your spouse, making a new recipe, and/or a hot bubble bath. Your stress level will surely decrease!
  5. Accepting feelings during constant time of change: Accepting your feelings during this time is crucial. It is quite OK, not to feel like yourself. 
  6. Physical well being: Physical activity during social isolation is needed. The internet has a plethora of information on working out at home. Also, hiking in your local area is always a good option.
  7. DIYing: Not only is DIYing physical, it gets you out of your own head space. It's a 2 for one. You can make it a 3 for 1 by speak on the phone while completing a project!
  8. Asking for assistance: It is quite OK to ask for assistance. Especially with everything going on with the pandemic. Asking for help doesn't devalue you as a person.
  9. Speaking with your spouse regularly: Talking about your feelings with your spouse on a regular basis, decreases stress build-up. Other sources of release are: speaking with friends, and keeping a journal.
  10. Knowing your limits: It is OK to say NO! It doesn't devalue you as a person.

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