Saturday, June 20, 2020

BUTTERFLIES: My First Blog- Covid-19 Pandemic

Hello everyone! I hope your day is gong well. Today we are going to have a discussion in the butterfly category. The butterfly category represents metamorphosis and change. What better time to speak of change and growth than during the Covid-19 pandemic. The experiences during this time has been anything but easy. From worries of continuous safety, work, health, and mental well being. To happy moments and continuous growth! You may wonder how people are keeping Here are 10 things that are helpful to get through the pandemic.
They are as follows:

  1.  Mental Health: Weather you are speaking to your spouse on a daily basis or using professional counseling: these 2 choices are great resources.
  2. Religion: I know religion can be a sensitive topic. Everything happens for a reason and there is a life lesson in every experience. What ever your religion is, believing in a higher power can assist you with getting through the pandemic.
  3. Face-timing with friends and family: This is a great way to feel socially connected, while keeping a social distance. 
  4. Self-Care: From trying out new beauty products with your spouse, making a new recipe, and/or a hot bubble bath. Your stress level will surely decrease!
  5. Accepting feelings during constant time of change: Accepting your feelings during this time is crucial. It is quite OK, not to feel like yourself. 
  6. Physical well being: Physical activity during social isolation is needed. The internet has a plethora of information on working out at home. Also, hiking in your local area is always a good option.
  7. DIYing: Not only is DIYing physical, it gets you out of your own head space. It's a 2 for one. You can make it a 3 for 1 by speak on the phone while completing a project!
  8. Asking for assistance: It is quite OK to ask for assistance. Especially with everything going on with the pandemic. Asking for help doesn't devalue you as a person.
  9. Speaking with your spouse regularly: Talking about your feelings with your spouse on a regular basis, decreases stress build-up. Other sources of release are: speaking with friends, and keeping a journal.
  10. Knowing your limits: It is OK to say NO! It doesn't devalue you as a person.

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Nakia Siler said...

Love this!!!!

Anonymous said...

This has been a difficult time for everyone, but I’ve found that this has been the perfect time to focus on my MSN. With social distancing and restrictions, I have plenty of time to focus on school with less distractions. I also know others who have used this time to learn new skills in crafting.

Shawon Henry-Jacobs RN, MSN said...

Thank you Nakia:-)!

Shawon Henry-Jacobs RN, MSN said...

Anonymous....I agree. This is the perfect time to pursue a career, skill, and/or craft that has been placed on the back burner. Even accomplishing small task during this difficult time, can bring a little piece of mind.

Unknown said...

I love this!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes.... We have to do the best we can in these times. Some couples are only REALLY knowing and understanding who their partner is from having to spend so much time during this pandemic together. That's a good and a GREAT thing!! You can GROW in this time or realize it's time to GO in this time.... Either way y'all not WASTING any more TIME, cause it's precious!! This experience has taught me to value who I have.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shawon Henry, RN, MSN, PCCN said...

Thank you for your response unknown,

I agree that you either going to love the person you with, or realize they are not the one you need to be with longterm. This pandemic has really made many people realize what is important in life

Dee said...

I love some of your ideas and will have to try one or two 😉.....what we started doing every Saturday was going to the park (before it reopened (NJ/NYC)) and had a picnic inside the, crackers, cheese 😁....and we would just talk for HOURS!!! What makes this even better these days is that we can even take a walk in the park now that they are reopened! This is now the thing that we look forward to every week! are going to be a VERY beautiful bride!!

Shawon Henry, RN, MSN, PCCN said...

Hello Dee,

My fiance and I will need to try your idea. It sounds very intimate! BTW...thank you for the bridal comment😊!

Shawon Henry, RN, MSN, PCCN said...

My fiancee and I will need to try your idea. It sounds very intimate! BTW...thank you for the bridal comment😊!

Celestine Stubbs said...

Self-Care!!! I love it. No better way to grow than to love on and take care of self. I’ve been doing more of this, and as selfish as I thought it was, I’ve learned it is the most unselfish thing you can do as a caregiver! I love everything I am reading. Keep up the great work!

Shawon Henry-Jacobs RN, MSN said...

Thank you Dee for sharing! I love your response. Any intimate time together, no matter how small counts. The personnel time spent together will make your significant other feel valuable. My fiancé and I will definitely try this one. Thanks again for sharing, and thank you for the bride comment:-)!!

Shawon Henry-Jacobs RN, MSN said...

Celestine S.,

Thank you for responding and reading the post. I apologize, there was a technical issue with the site. Its corrected:-). Thank you for your patience. I love your statement on self-care. I believe we work in a culture where our jobs require us to give so much to others. When we take time out for ourselves, it makes us feel selfish. But what better way to contribute to others, by being able to give them the "complete you", and the best you have to offer. In completing self-care, you indirectly break the negative connotation that is associated with this action. Thank you for visiting. I will try:-)!