Saturday, August 1, 2020

LIFE: Prayer in the Work Place

Prayer in the work place. Why was there a stigma prior to Covid-19? Now you can see people praying everywhere: weather its church, work, and/or social media. Prayer gives people a sense of balance, hope, a feeling of a connection, and a belief in a higher power . If prayer has all these qualities, why did there have to be a life altering event to make prayer acceptable in public? No matter your religion, prayer brings many peace and tranquility, and its validity should never be questioned. Never be afraid of the god in you! Here is an easy "work place prayer" to help you start your day.

A Work Place Prayer

Lord we come to you as humble as we know how. 
Wanting to thank you for life, health, safety, and the ability to help others.
Lord allow us to be on one accord, to help us provide the best care to others who cannot help themselves. 
Assist us in always showing each other compassion and grace. 
As we go throughout our workday day, guide the skill(s) you have provided us.
Let our skill(s) be a blessing to others. 
In Jesus name,

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L. S. Scott said...

Prayer has become a more prevalent mainstay in social media and surprisingly in the workplace for those that wish to participate. I think that it is amazing how prayer has been a source of comfort and solace in a very uncertain and scary time. Hopefully this trend will continue and influence more goodwill among all.

Shawon Henry, RN, MSN, PCCN said...

Thank you LS Scott for responding. I agree prayer is needed. I hope prayer is not just a fad. I hope the american people can look back and see how prayer has gotten us through a difficult patch in time. The continuous contribution prayer has on peoples mental well being is unmeasuable. Let us not forget this time, and make it a regular staple point in our lives.

Wani said...

Prayer is definitely needed in our lives. It is the quintessential necessity for everyone. Thank you for these great tips!

Shawon Henry, RN, MSN, PCCN said...

Thank you Wani for responding. I agree with your statement.I couldn't have said it any better:-)!

Unknown said...

Prayer for me is talking things through, getting whatever is in your heart and mind out there knowing whoever your praying to is listening without judgment. It's a positive moving force. For me it brings clarity i always seem to be left with power and knowledge that the answer to my prayers is available to me if i listen. For me it always includes love.

Shawon Henry-Jacobs RN, MSN said...

Hello unknown, thank you for responding! I think you mentioned an important piece with prayer, listening. Listening allows us to be guided, and obtain clarity to any questions or concerns we may be holding. Clarity is a powerful tool to have, because clarification leads to peace.