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DIY: A Happy Place Equals a Happy Face!

Lately we have been using our homes on a more frequent basis. The pandemic has made all of us indirectly assess our living space. With increased use of the home over the past year, what is in your living space is more important than ever. Your surroundings can place you in a positive mood with the use of the right textures, lights, and colors. Is your living space warm, inviting, and/or functional for what needs to be achieved daily? Whatever your living space preference is, small changes may boost your mood.

Mood boosting is not a new concept. When it comes to your living space there are so many directions you can take, you may get lost in the process. Do you add plants, or do you use aromas? Do you add more decor, or use a new color scheme? There is not a right on wrong answer. Everyone has different items, colors, and scents which work for them. Although there is a baseline correlation with certain colors and scents, you surely will find what works for you. Patience is key.

As you can read, mood boosting within the home is not just achieved by esthetic changes. For this blog, we will focus on décor changes to make the living space happier and increase a positive mood. Let us get into our mood boosting mode! There are many areas of the house you can change to assist with a mood uplift. We are going to focus on a bedroom. For most people, the bedroom is the most intimate and comfortable space. In my opinion, the bedroom is one of the most versatile spaces you have and can be changed in a plethora of ways to your liking. If your mood changes, change it up😉! For me, this is usually done seasonally. 

Well, let us discuss some of the room decor! We are going for a warm, comfortable, and cozy feeling. As we look at the picture, we can see a few things which were done to help us achieve our mood goal. Textures and earth tones were added to achieve a warm welcoming feeling. Texture was added with use of different pillow covers, pillows, and curtains. Earth tones are naturally warm in nature, so several different browns were used throughout the room. A hint a blue was splashed throughout the decor. Shades of blue are known to bring serenity and calmness. For me, this is one of the most comfortable and functional rooms in the house.

The pictures above are just an example on how to use decor to make your home a happy place and eventually bring a smile to your face. Let us discuss 5 options you can use to help achieve positivity in hour home. They are as follows:

  1. Decorate with Items which Bring You Happiness- We all are guilty of this one. How often do you go to the furniture store, buy an item, and get it home and you do not like it in your space? It is trendy, but it is not you. Try buying a few pieces you absolutely love when you see them. Work your décor around them.
  2. Stimulate Your Senses- Stimulating senses can increase a positive mood. This can be achieved through smell, sight, and feel. The stimulation need may differ for everyone. For me, I love texture which stimulates the sense of touch. In the pictures above, you can you see multiple textures used.
  3. Layer Lighting- Sandiego writes, “lighting has the power to transform a cold soulless space into a cozy and atmospheric room” (April 3rd, 2020). Multiple streams of lighting are recommended. Natural window light, overhead light, and a corner light. Do not be afraid to mix it up. Depending on your mood and your need may change what lighting source is used. We do this instinctively without thinking. When you wake up in the morning a bright overhead light is used to wake up my body to say, get moving. When needing to relax after a long day work a softer light is used.
  4. Pick a Color Scheme and Stick With It- Many would beg the differ, but there are multiple ways to pick a color scheme. A color scheme can be made around an object you love, or a special paint you found. You need a foundation to start from and stick with the color. You can always splash with another color to shake up a room.
  5. Let Go of Perfection- Do away with trying to have the perfect layout and love your home. You do not have to adopt a decorative trend if it does not work for your home happiness. Ask yourself a few questions. Does this look accomplish what I am trying to achieve? Is the room functional for me? Does this décor bring me happiness when I look at it? If your answer is yes, then you have achieved your happiness at home. If your answer is no or is not concrete maybe you need to reconsider your happy space.

There are many more things you can do to bring happiness to your home. But here are a few areas to get you started. Remember, your happy place may be different from the next person. A transformation does not have to happen overnight. Start slow and eventually you will have a place you love. As you can see in the picture, there was a change in the reading nook and a wooden desk was put in its place. However, you choose to shake it up, you are sure to turn your home into a happy place.

The 5 options to help you achieve positivity in your home are just a reference point and is not all-inclusive. How do you achieve a happy place? Please subscribe via e-mail on the right and leave a comment in the comment section below. As always, thanks for reading and subscribing😊! *


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